Signature All-In-One-Salve

Signature All-In-One-Salve


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Our soothing salve is rich in nutrients, easing discomfort and calming the appearance of distressed skin including minor cuts, scrapes, burns, windburn, sunburn, insect bites, and rashes. With moisturizing mango butter, soothing calendula, tea tree, aloe vera, witch hazel, vitamin E, and lavender this salve is our multi tasking wonder.


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Recommended for topically soothing of: weather damaged, irritated, and distressed skin, burns and rashes including sunburn, windburn, and razor burn, insect bites, poison ivy and poison oak.

Highly recommended for after sun and wind care: soothes sunburn, windburn, and redness; cools skin and calms discomfort.

Soothes itching and discomfort from rashes, scrapes, and insect bites.

For best results apply regularly to affected areas.

Phthalate, paraben, sulfate, formaldehyde, dye, cruelty, and synthetic fragrance free. Not tested on animals.

Please recycle our BPA free, PET recyclable containers.

While not proven for medical use, our hand selected botanicals have traditionally been used for soothing distressed skin.

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The all in one salve worked great for sunburn. It cooled my burn, lessened the pain, and kept me from peeling.
— Mary B.
I attended a week long outdoor music festival. This salve is awesome! It took away the heat and the pain of my sunburn, and I didn’t peel or blister. Even with a sunburn, I could still enjoy my time out in the sun all week. I love it!
— Katie E.
Aloe Vera has nothing on this product!
— Angela P.
I am loving the products- the Salve works on my leg where a rash will appear from time to time. I’m so excited to be getting something that is made naturally and not with a lot of chemicals.
— Carol R.
glow + gather’s all-in-one salve worked great on my skin after I stood out in the wind on a boat in the middle of the Arctic Ocean for a few hours and again the next day after dog sledding through the tundra! After using it, I did not feel the effects of the windburn, instead my skin felt great.
— Dimple D.
This salve is great! It takes away all the side effects of having a sunburn.
— Julie S.
Your salve.... Omg is not a good enough exclamation. It is amazing.
Update: I already love your salve, it is amazing. I just got a tattoo, and it got infected. It was an open wound and I used your salve on it- Amazing! The salve helped me heal quickly. Thank you!
— Mary- Ruth T.
I burnt my finger on a lit cigar. I used the salve and I don’t even have a blister!
— Sagar P.
I used the salve on my mosquito bites. It stopped the itching and I don’t even know the bites are there. It works really well.
— Neera M.
I love your salve! Usually in the winter I have cracked, red knuckles and a red nose. Not this winter! I use your salve on my knuckles and nose and they are not red or cracked! Thank you! All your products I have tried are wonderful!
— Tanya R.
I am liking this healing cream! You have me hooked!
— Helen M.