Signature Foot + Hand Salve

Signature Foot + Hand Salve

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Savor the glow

Our highly nourishing salve is a customer favorite, and smooths + renews dry, cracked hands and feet. This rich, thick salve is crafted with moisturizing butters and oils of mango, shea, cocoa, coconut, almond, and avocado, and protective beeswax to give your feet and hands a soft, glowing appearance. 

All Natural

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Best for daily use for all skin types.
Recommended for irritated, sensitive, cracked, and damaged skin.
No added fragrances or fillers.
Phthalate, paraben, sulfate, formaldehyde, dye, cruelty, and synthetic fragrance free. Not tested on animals.
Please recycle our BPA free, PET recyclable containers.

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My feet love the foot + hand salve!
— Jacquie H.
My husband had really cracked feet. He started using the foot + hand salve and his feet aren’t cracked anymore. It works!
— Mary B.
Love these products! Especially this salve. Good stuff!
— Jennifer M.
Your foot + hand salve is really good. It fixed my cracked feet. I then gave it to my husband to use on his feet, which are really bad too. It worked on his feet too. I really like your products.”
— Shyamala K.
This stuff is absolutely amazing! When I use this salve consistently, I don’t bite my nails or even pick at them. Highly recommend!
— Lisa A.
I had open cracks on my hands; I used this salve and within hours the cracks were gone. This is the only product I have used that works. It is really, really nice. Thank you.
— Dr. Manoj S.
It’s one of my favorite products I’ve ever tried!
— Brett E.
This stuff has been a god sent. It is so super soothing on my skin and helps soothe my eczema.
— Laurie M.