Signature Whipped Body Butter

Signature Whipped Body Butter

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The product that started it all

Our richest body butter is made in small batches with 12 hand-selected botanical ingredients including: moisturizing + hydrating butters and oils of mango, shea, cocoa, jojoba, avocado, and almond, and soothing calendula, aloe vera, tea tree, and lavender. This decadent body butter is formulated to bring out your skin's natural glow. 

All Natural

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Excellent for soothing razor burn.
Great for using as a moisturizing and conditioning  pre-treatment hair mask. Massage into hair and scalp 20-30 minutes before shampooing.
Recommended for moisturizing irritated, sensitive, cracked, and damaged skin.
Best for daily use for dry and combination skin types.
No added fragrances or fillers.
Phthalate, paraben, sulfate, formaldehyde, dye, cruelty and synthetic fragrance free. Not tested on animals.
Please recycle our BPA free, PET recyclable containers.
While not proven for medical use, our hand selected botanicals have traditionally been used for soothing and hydrating skin.

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The signature whipped body butter is amazing! Usually when I apply lotion, my skin dries out and is ashy looking within a few hours. With this body butter, when I apply it my skin looks, and more importantly, feels smooth and moisturized by morning and lasts all day. You cannot go wrong with using this product.
— Neera M.
I had terrible razor burn until I used the body butter. It also helped with ingrown hairs and smoothed my skin.
— Marvin B.
glow + gather’s signature body butter is the best moisturizer I’ve ever used on my skin. It’s luscious, soothing, and makes my skin feel like silk. And it feels good to know it’s 100% natural. My 7-year-old daughter used to scream every time I put lotion on her - I tried lots of different brands, but they all made her skin itchy and irritated. Once we tried glow + gather’s body butter, my daughter’s tears stopped and she actually started asking for her “special cream”. We both love how comforting and luxurious it is.
— Lori Q.
As a mom of two small children, my hands have been cracking and raw for the last four years. glow + gather completely changed that for me! My hands are now soft and can handle the daily dishes and laundry without painful cracks.
I also used glow + gather Body Butter on my daughter’s eczema saw results within a week! Since I use these products on my children, I love knowing that the ingredients are natural and safe.
— Megan K.
I am loving the products, and the smell of the Body Butter is nice. I’m so excited to be getting something that is made naturally and not with a lot of chemicals.
— Carol R.
This product is magical. My son has eczema and the Signature Whipped Body Butter has done wonders for his skin! Plus, I love the fact that it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals or additives like so many other products on the market. I have extremely dry skin, particularly in the winter. I use this product everywhere, including my hands, and it has made my skin so soft. I appreciate that a little goes a long way!
— Muliha K.
I fell in love with glow + gather’s body butter! I just can’t get enough of it. It is so soft & luxurious, and it smells amazing. I actually get excited about applying it after my shower each morning and before bed. Perfect way to nourish and hydrate parched skin in our dry Colorado climate.
— Sabina S.
I got my glow + gather body butter, and love it. I love that it’s so rich in ingredients, but feels so light when I put it on.
— Kalpana S.
I love your products.
— Mireille H.
I use this on my face. It is so good and smooth; it feels really good.. I really like it, and I like that it is natural without any chemicals.
— Seble T.
I use this at night on my feet and then put socks on. It has healed the cracks in my feet and now they stay so smooth and moisturized. Thank you.
— Bindu S.
My hands were really cracked and dry, and were really hurting. My daughter gave me this body butter. It really worked to moisturize my hands and it feels so good. Nothing else was working, but this did. It is a really great product.
— Sushila S.